Bike Assembly

Tools Required:

- Tire Pump

- Scissors or cable cutter

- Allen wrench set

- 5/8” and 14mm Wrench or socket set

- Screwdriver


1. Open the carton from the top and remove the bike. Carefully unpack the bike, using the box or a soft towel for a work surface or as extra padding.

2. Loosening the bolts on the front wheel, insert the front wheel into the forks. Tighten the bolts by hand then use a 5/8” wrench to secure the front wheel to the fork.




3. The handlebars should be attached to the stem. Loosen the center bolt, insert the stem into the opening at the top of the fork and find your desired height. After adjusting the height, tighten the center bolt on top of the handlebar using a Allen wrench. Next, adjust the handlebar to achieve your desired angle. Start by loosening the hex bolt and adjusting the handlebar. Once you are satisfied with the angle, tighten the hex bolt down to secure the bar in place. (* The handlebar Stem must be inserted so that the minimum insertion mark cannot be seen)





4. Assemble the seat by inserting the seat post into the seat and tighten the bolts using a 14 mm wrench. Next, insert the seat / post into the bike frame and adjust to the desired height. Tighten the hex bolt on the seat clamp to fasten the seat to your curiser. (* The seat post must be inserted so that the minimum insertion mark cannot be seen)



5. The next step will be to put on the pedals. The pedals are labeled R for right and L for left. The left pedal will screw on in a counter clockwise motion, and the right will screw on in a clockwise motion. To provide final tightening use the 5/8" wrench.



7. The bike should now be fully assembled


Fender Assembly:

1. Fender set includes front fender & rear fender, 3 pcs fender brackets, 7 pcs M5 bolts, 6pcs M6 bolts, and 6 pcs M5 nuts

2. Secure brackets to front and rear fender, one for front and two for rear. Use 6 pcs M5 bolts & 6 pcs M5 nuts to tighten.


4. Attach the rear fender to the frame with 1pc M5 bolt and tighten.



5. Attach the 2 remaining brackets to the bike’s dropout with 4 pcs M6 bolts and tighten.




6. Make sure that all bolts / nuts are tightened, and enough space is between the fender and tire. Thus the fender is assembled.


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